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Partners in the Whole Picture

"I founded this practice to first and foremost partner with families. You are the expert on your child and I am an expert on pediatric feeding and swallowing. We work together to help match whatever challenges you are facing with the right solutions."

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Why Us?

Why Work With Us?

I am passionate about partnering with families and other professionals to put together the pieces of each unique feeding puzzle.

This looks like working closely with caregivers, their child as well as any other providers involved in their care. That’s how the name Pediatric Feeding Partners came about.

A strawberry plant (your child) thrives with companion plants Borage (doctors, specialists), Marigolds (caregivers) surrounding and supporting it.

Together as Partners, we navigate challenges and determine a plan using the most current science and considering the unique needs of each child and family. I do this through virtual resources, group education, and 1 on 1 assessment and treatment.


How We Help

  • Bottle feeding difficulties

  • Transitioning to solids and navigating which approach fits you and your child best

  • Teasing out the role of sensorimotor and/or "ties” (TOTs) with feeding difficulties 

  • Coughing, "choking", noisy breathing, or congestion with feeding

  • Concerns with weight gain and growth

  • Picky eating, decreased food repertoire (toddler and older child)

  • Medically complex feeding issues related to prematurity, genetic syndromes, gastrointestinal challenges, food allergies, cardiac, craniofacial or airway anomalies

  • Transitioning from tube feeding to oral feeding

  • Supporting a positive parent-child relationship around feeding

  • Preventing long-term feeding challenges

  • Reducing pain, aversion, anxiety and fear for the parent and child with feeding

How We Help

What People Say About Pediatric Feeding Partners

"Tovah became our clinician at the most pivotal point of my son’s medical journey. Not only did she provide unmatched therapeutic services but she was the first specialist we met who truly heard my concerns as a mother. She was less interested in what occurred in our hourly sessions but more focused on the daily routine of our meals and what our definition of “success” was for feeding. She gave us the tools we desperately needed to adapt our lives to our son’s feeding skills while simultaneously working with us to improve (and ultimately resolve) our son’s dysphagia. She’s no longer our clinician but she’ll forever be a source of light and strength during our darkest days."

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